How to Download Music from YouTube

To download music from YouTube simply copy your YouTube URL and paste it into the box above. Once the video is converted you will be able to download the music as an mp3 file. To convert another video just click on the skull logo.

How to download music from YouTube using this website

We know that YouTube has a lot of great stuff. You can find not only cool videos but also music on there. The problem is that getting the music on your computer is not so easy to do. For those of us who don’t have a tech bone in our body what do we do?

How To Download Music from YouTube .COM gives you the opportunity to easily and quickly download anything you find on YouTube. It works very simply to convert the YouTube video to an Mp3 formatted file that you can play on your computer or can transfer to your iPod, Mp3 player or any other storage and music player device you wish.

To use this website you don’t need to know anything about file types or converting them. You don’t need to have a download client that is capable of downloading torrents and there is no risk of getting a virus from downloading some unexpected file that may or may not contain what you think it does or what it is labeled as.

Since you get to listen to the music on YouTube before you use How To Download Music from YouTube .COM you know exactly what you are getting and really have no need to worry about anything at all. This is 100% safe and did we mention easy?

All you have to do download music you have found on YouTube using this website is to copy the link for the file on YouTube. When we say link we are talking about the website address. Also known as the URL (not the sharing link under the share tab below the video screen). All you do is copy the URL link for the music you want to download and paste it into the box on the How To Download Music from YouTube .COM website and then hit convert video.

When your file is done being converted you will be notified that it can be downloaded. To download multiple files you will need to simply click on the image of the skull in the center of the page after converting your first file. This will allow you to convert and download other files as well.

That is it! That is how easy and simple it is for you to use the website How To Download Music from YouTube .COM to download music you find on YouTube. This is great because now you no longer have to have YouTube open to listen to your favorite YouTube playlist nor do you have to do any long and tedious process of converting the files yourself or worse sourcing each song individually through a music websites or through torrent websites.

How To Download Music from YouTube .COM gives you the opportunity to have the music you want and need and to be able to have it in a fast and easy manner. We give you portability of your music and ease of getting it on your music player device.